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Storybook Coloring PLR Limited Licenses

Rayven here from Color Monthly PLR, with a very special - and very limited - opportunity: Storybook Coloring PLR Limited Licenses.  

Unlike most PLR available, this is your chance to be one of only 50* licenses sold that own the Private Label Rights license to a fabulous 30-page coloring storybook. That is, a series of coloring pages that carry the same characters throughout, telling a fun story in the process.

This custom written and beautifully designed package tells the story of Dancing Dachshunds.

Frank & Beans Love Dancing!

Franks and Beans are dachshunds with a big problem. Their Mommy's new friend wants to BBQ them! So they head off to the Flea Circus in search of a new life with their incredible talent - they dance! Join these furry doggos and their insect friends and color along to a circus you'll never forget.

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Only 50* Available. When they're gone, they're gone! 

Includes 3 Cover Options!

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Only 50* Available. When they're gone, they're gone!

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Limited license: dancing dachshunds

Get your paws on the exclusive "Dancing Dachshunds" coloring storybook.


  • 30 coloring pages
  • 3 whole book covers
  • 3 title pages
Customers served! 50 Only 50 Licenses Available! 

By snagging your Gold Key, you'll get access to our entire product library plus all new products that will be released this year, including the exclusive Dancing Dachshunds coloring storybook.

Here's what you get in your 1st month:

  • 12 Monthly Themes - reg. $558  
  • Almost everything brand new we're releasing in 2023 (as they are released) including the "Dancing Dachshunds" coloring storybook  - reg. $1,000+
  • Morning Routine Planner in BOTH Black and White and Full-Color - reg. $60
  • Clean Cuss Words Coloring Pages + MORE Clean Cuss Words - reg. $135

And that's just Month 1! Our entire library has a value of over $17,800 - get it all with the Gold Key.


111/mo for 12 installments

One-Time Purchase also available


Purchasers have full permission to:

  • Alter/rebrand the pages/elements of the pages in any way
  • Create merchandise with the pages/elements of the pages
  • Create a membership site selling coloring pages
  • Sell the coloring pages as a package, or element of a larger package/product
  • Offer pages as a bonus for a paid product or membership
  • Offer pages as a resource within a paid membership
  • Offer the pages as a bonus for paying clients
  • Print the pages and give them away to customers or members in person
  • Print the pages and sell them to customers or members in person
  • Offer the pages as an optin resource

In a nutshell, you can do anything you want with it, except:

  1. You may NOT use Color Monthly’s/Color Happy's name (or Rayven’s, for that matter).

  2. You may NOT publish the content for free on the web. (this protects everyone’s investment)

  3. You may NOT resell the PLR rights to any images in this package.  


  • 30 Coloring Pages in 8.5 x 11
  • 3 Full-Color Front & Back Cover Options 
  • 3 Matching Title Coloring Pages 
  • All files in PDF, JPG, and PSD
  • 1 of 50* limited licenses 

Due to the PLR nature of this product, and the limited number of licenses, no refunds are permitted. Feel free to Contact us before purchase with any questions.

This complete book was sold to retail colorists under the title Dancing Dachshunds. Color Happy® is currently selling a smaller version of book on Amazon. Once the licenses have reached 50* users, Color Happy® will permanently delete our Amazon listing and never sell this title again.

*In addition to the 50 licensed users, Gold Key Pass holders will receive a license as well.  

No coupons or discounts are available for Limited License products. 

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