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Just Do What's Next.

A Shortcut To Managing Your Business...Using A Free Tool

It's time to tackle your project management system! Egads! That sounds utterly boring. But what if I told you that this one skill will help you find ooodles of extra time in your week? 

Don't Pay for Asana 

Discover shortcuts that will have you using the free version of Asana just as easily as the paid (Don't pay for it. Unless you like giving money away.)

Get Your SOPs Working for You

Create your SOPS! Don't know what that means? That means you can take a break from your business and have it run without you! 

Ready to Outsource? You will be.

You'll get access to my Daily Task Templates as well as my Onboarding Templates which will allow you to duplicate my flow while making this system uniquely your own.  


Gain Control In Your Business  

Don't Let Overwhelm Stop You From Moving Your Business Forward  

It can be intimidating implementing a new program. Heck, it took me several years to perfect my own system that I'm sharing with you - and a heckuva lot of money.

You see, I never knew I was disorganized until I tried to put a team in place. I mean, sure, I'd forget some little details here and there when listing a new product, or I'd get distracted and forget to schedule my social media, but it didn't seem like that big of a deal to go back and fix errors as I noticed them. 

But then I decided to try my hand at outsourcing and hired a virtual assistant - and realized I was in over my head. 

For weeks, I paid my assistant his weekly rate - while he sat twiddling his thumbs - all while I stumbled my way through trying to figure out how to get work to him. 

$$$Hundreds of Dollars $$$ POOF! Into thin air!

Because I was leaking money so quickly, it forced me to do something I had never done before in my business: get organized. 

Over the next few weeks and months, a system developed and I noticed something amazing:

Not only was my new assistant thriving in my organized environment, but I was as well! Creating structure allowed me more time in my day to get stuff done, without forgetting anything important.

Productivity increase - sales increased - and my team did as well. Creating my project management system allowed me to turn the corner in my business from "just scraping by" to thriving! And it can do the same for you.

Today, I'm able to spend less than an hour a day making my business run smoothly. I don't work Fridays, or weekends, and I'm making more money now than I did when I worked 8 hours a day in chaos. All of this thanks to my Asana system. 

With Do What's Next: Asana, you'll eliminate your own learning curve while blowing the lid off your productivity. I'm inviting you to look over my shoulder and see how I manage my business with ease, allowing me more time to spend however I want. 

Learn How to:


Whether you're assigning tasks to others or doing them yourself, it's super important that you get your ducks in a row. Creating SOPs is the way to do it! These detailed instructions will eliminate mistakes and help you make sure nothing critical gets missed. I'll show you how to easily create them.


Can you imagine how tedious it would be to write the same instructions out over and over again? That's why we create templates! But Asana's template feature is part of the paid program - here's how I make templates in the free version instead. Plus, I'll even give you a couple of my own to get you started.


Being vague is the #1 way to fail at outsourcing. With this system, you'll know exactly how to train your workers so they -and you- will succeed. You may not be ready to outsource right now, but when you are, having a system in place will save you endless hours weeks of frustrating trial and error. 

About The Course Teacher, Lady Rayven Monique

Lady Rayven is the official "Queen of Color", on a mission to spread joy and happiness throughout the world, one coloring page at time. She created her own coloring empire and loves helping others make a similar dream possible. 

Rayven believes that happiness is our natural state of being, and her obsession is helping others find their passions and follow their dreams, so they can love the life they're living. 

She has created over 250 information products & coloring books in the last 13 years, is an expert in outsourcing, has super smart connections, and is a certified Radical Leadership Coach. 

Don't stress...just Do What's Next

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