Marvelous Mandalas Coloring Pages Offered With Private Label Rights!

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I'm back! Rayven Monique here with my newest package of coloring designs for adults with PLR rights - Marvelous Mandalas Coloring Pages.  

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100 Mandalas For Only $17!

These PLR Bundles Rock!

  • 100 unique and beautiful colorable mandalas  
  • All files come in PDF and JPG  
  • PLUS Private Label Rights!


100 Pages For Only $17!

Email Swipes! Email #1:  

SUBJECT: Marvelous Mandalas with PLR Rights Package… BODY: You’ve probably heard me talk about my friend Rayven of Color Happy and Color Monthly before. Well, I’m back to mention her again because she’s gone and done it again…  

Exactly what is the ‘it’ she’s gone and done I’m referring to? Well, she’s put together another massive coloring PLR package. This time if mandalas are your thing, you won’t want to miss this one!  

Her Marvelous Mandalas with PLR rights package will give you access to 100 – yes, you read that right…100 – mandalas.  

Click here to get all the details: YOUR LINK HERE  

I’m always impressed with Rayven’s products. She works with a very small group of talented designers (she personally picked herself) who hand-design all the coloring pages and it’s no different with this Marvelous Mandalas package.  

So, a quick recap – you’re going to get access to 100 mandalas with PLR rights. That’s a whole lot of mandalas! And of course, Rayven being Rayven, she’s priced the package at a ridiculously low price point. You get it for just $17!  

I think she's crazy for offering all this at such a low price, but hey it's a steal of a deal for me...and you too ;-)  

Grab this offer today: YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE  

Your Closing / Sign Off  

P.S. Remember, these come with PLR rights! You can add them to a product you're selling to give it more value, use it as an opt-in offer, and so much more.

Email #2:  

SUBJECT: Massive PLR Package of Mandalas Coloring Pages BODY: Do you want to help your tribe of peeps take action to reduce stress, focus on positivity, become more creative, and enjoy life more? If you answered yes to those questions (and who doesn’t want to help their community do those things?), the answer comes in the form of coloring! Why coloring? Here’s a pretty good explanation why: From CNN ( Just like meditation, coloring also allows us to switch off our brains from other thoughts and focus only on the moment, helping to alleviate free-floating anxiety. It can be particularly effective for people who aren't comfortable with more creatively expressive forms of art, says Marygrace Berberian, a certified art therapist and the Clinical Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for the Graduate Art Therapy Program at NYU. "My experience has been that those participants who are more guarded find a lot of tranquility in coloring an image. It feels safer and it creates containment around their process," she adds. So, whether you’re a fan of grown-up coloring yourself or not, it’s extremely popular and a very hot niche…for excellent reasons, like stated above. And now you can help your tribe use it in their lives thanks to my friend and colleague Rayven who has put together a great package of mandala coloring pages. Her Marvelous Mandalas coloring pages package comes with 100 mandala coloring pages! And you get it for just $17. Better yet? This package also comes with PLR rights. Get all the details here: ===> YOU> LINK HERE What I especially love about these mandalas (and all Rayven's products) is they're not your boring ole computer generated styles. These are hand-drawn by a coloring book artist who put hours of work and lots of love into creating each one of these pages. If you were to pay an artist to do this, you would pay a heck of a lot more than just the $17 bucks Rayven is charging for these! Not really sure what you would do with a PLR package like this? Well, first they’re an easy way to increase the value of your offerings for your tribe. Add them to journals, workbooks, or any other type of printable. But here are some more ideas too: · Create merchandise with pages/elements of pages · Sell alone or as part of a membership · Offer as a bonus or resource for a paid product or membership · Print the pages and give away in person · Print the pages and sell them in person · Offer pages as an opt-in resource That’s just a few other ideas to get you thinking about the possibilities. You are limited only by your imagination :-) Your Closing / Sign Off P.S. Try one of the designs FREE! Yep, Rayven will let you download one to check it out before you buy. YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE

Email #3:  

SUBJECT: Instant access to 100 Marvelous Mandala coloring pages with PLR rights for just $17! BODY: Printables (like calendars, journals, etc.) are really hot commodities right now. But creating these types of pages from scratch can not only be costly, but also very time consuming and even frustrating at times. It doesn’t have to be though. In fact, what if it were easy? Thanks to my awesome friend Rayven, it can be easy now! She has put together a massive PLR bundle of mandalas coloring designs. When I say massive I’m not joking. This new package comes with 100 mandala coloring pages. The Marvelous Mandalas PLR package includes: · 100 mandalas coloring pages · Coloring elements hand-designed by professionals · All files come in PDF and JPG · PLUS You Get Private Label Rights! As you can see, this package is jam packed with…well, mandalas awesomeness ;-) But maybe you’re not sure what you could do with all of this. Here are some ideas: · Send one of these beautiful pages as a downloadable thank you gift as a PS in your newsletter each week. · Create a printable planner and journal with coloring pages and sell it on your website. · Sell alone or as part of a membership. · Offer as a bonus or resource for a paid product or membership. · Offer pages as opt-in resource. · And so much more! These pages are unique and hand-crafted by a coloring book artist. But don’t take my word, check them out for yourself: YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE Your Closing / Sign Off P.S. You get all 100 Marvelous Mandala coloring pages with PLR rights for just $17!  

Social Blurbs:  

  • 100 mandala coloring pages for just $17…with PLR rights! YOUR LINK HERE  
  • Check out this massive PLR package with 100 mandalas coloring pages: YOUR LINK HERE  
  • Love coloring mandalas? Get access to 100 of them here: YOUR LINK HERE And this package even comes with PLR rights!  

What You Can Do With These Designs:

  • DO: alter/rebrand entire page/elements of page as desired
  • DO: or, leave as-is!
  • DO: create merchandise with pages/elements of pages
  • DO: sell alone or as part of a membership
  • DO: offer as a bonus or resource for a paid product or membership
  • DO: print the pages and give away in person
  • DO: print the pages and sell them in person
  • DO: offer pages as opt-in resource

What You Can't Do:

  • DON'T: sell as a book on Amazon (against their TOS)
  • DON'T: publish pages for free on the web
  • DON'T: resell the rights to this package, or any elements within

In a nutshell, an individual must give you their email address, or buy a product, service, or membership from you to be given these materials online – EVEN INDIVIDUAL ELEMENTS OF THE PAGES. This protects the value of this package for everyone!

(Offline you don’t need an email address – you’re cool to hand them out.)  

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